T-A-G™ Card can be customized to you name , business name /logo. Once the order is confirmed, we will get in touch with you on customization. 

T-A-G™ Card  is the revolution digital business card that allows you to instantly share any socials contacts, WIFI access, and many more! Just by tapping your T-A-G to someone else’s phone, you can quickly share your any of your prefer profile or your entire T-A-G profile with anyone you meet. Best of all, they don't even need an app or a T-A-G™ Card  to receive your info.

You can share one, multiple, or all 30+ profiles with a single tap, and you can change it anytime, anywhere, and even share any profile & links of your choice all within your fingertip, Which can you share with just a tap of your T-A-G™ Card .

T-A-G™ Card  is fully secure & does not store any profile password, using only publicly available links to function and equipped with a built-in ON/OFF toggle switch to prevent any unwanted tap & protect your privacy.

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Please do check the compatible list before buying the product.

T-A-G Card

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